Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In the United States in general, there are many alternative systems for resolution of disputes. There are state and federal courts, formal and informal arbitration and mediation systems, and, of course, negotiation and settlement. There are powerful pros and cons to all of these options. For instance, government backed courts are essentially free to users, but representation in the courts can be expensive and justice can be slow. For arbitration and mediation, the proceedings are private, and may be rapid, but there are often significant up-front fees for the arbitrator or mediator, and there may not be an enforceable resolution at the end of the day. In every forum there are rules and procedures, case law, contract and statutory authority, and facts that are subject to human interpretation.

When a dispute is significant enough to require arbitration or litigation, there are rarely quick, easy answers. The course of action we believe in is to identify attorneys that meet three criteria: expertise in the required area of law; significant experience in the courtroom; and a demonstrated commitment to ethics, honesty and the betterment of the lawyer’s profession. In those specialized areas in which we practice, our attorneys meet those criteria. We are active in the state and federal trial courts as well as the appellate courts for each.

In terms of betterment of the profession — some might ask why? I want to win my case, not better the profession. The reality is, however, that your attorneys’ reputation for thoroughness and honesty will have a direct impact on your case. The members and attorneys of Baylaw, LLC are active in the Inns of Court, which is a leading organization in lawyer’s ethics and professionalism. Dirk Schwenk is the author of Preparation and Trial of Tort Claims, in the Maryland Trial Lawyer’s Manual, and regularly teaches other lawyers about litigation. We are dedicated to the issues of marine and waterfront law, regular practitioners in the Courts of Maryland, and we are unafraid to say that we strive to be honest and professional in all of our dealings.  All of our attorneys are active members of the Inns of Court, which brings lawyers and judges together to increase the education and ethics of the bar.

If you have a matter that requires representation, we invite you to contact us.   We do not handle matters in many practice areas — family, criminal and bankruptcy law to name a few — but for civil litigation, transactions, tax or business advice that deal with boats and the waterfront, we believe you will find us to be the best available counsel